These maps reflect this list of Spike mutations, and each set of Spike mutations is associated with a Pango lineage, as noted.
For a sequence to be assigned to a color group, the minimal list of mutations noted must be present; sequences with additional mutations will also be included.
01  'B.1.1.7 UK'     => H00069- V00070- Y00144- N00501Y A00570D D00614G
                        P00681H T00716I S00982A D01118H
02  'B.1.429 US, CA' => S00013I W00152C L00452R D00614G
03  'B.1.351 ZA'     => L00242- A00243- L00244- D00080A D00215G K00417N
                        E00484K N00501Y D00614G A00701V
04  'B.526 US, NY'   => L00005F T00095I D00253G E00484K D00614G A00701V
05  'A.23.1 UG'      => F00157L V00367F P00681R Q00613H
06  'P.1 BR'         => T00020N T01027I R00190S H00655Y L00018F P00026S
                        D00138Y K00417T E00484K N00501Y D00614G V01176F
07  'B.1.1.222 MX'   => T00478K D00614G P00681H T00732A
08  'B.1.234 US, MI' => E00180V Q00677H G00142S D00614G
09  'B.1 US, NY'     => D00080G Y00144- F00157S L00452R D00614G T00859N
10  'B.1.525 NG'     => Q00052R A00067V F00888L H00069- V00070- Y00144-
                        E00484K D00614G Q00677H
11  'A.27 FR'        => A00653V D00796Y L00018F L00452R N00501Y H00655Y
    'other'          => no mutations of interest