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Spike Features Help


The Spike Features search interface provides the coordinates of known antibody contact sites and antibody-related features. The data from this database are also displayed on the analysis page of the COV CATNAP neutralization database. These sites are often associated with antibody-driven escape.

Search Fields

MAb name

The commonly-used name of the monoclonal antibody.

Site Type

The type of site:

Spike AA position

The exact amino acid coordinates where the contact or feature occurs. The coordinates are numbered based on the Spike Wuhan-Hu-1 reference sequence (GenBank NC_045512).

Input allows searching for a single amino acid position, or multiple comma-separated values, for example: 312,313,314,410

Text search on Annotation

Free input text that will search the annotation text. For example, a search for "hydrogen" will find features involving hydrogen bonds.


The reference(s) from which the information was obtained. There may be other references that have been important in elucidating the antibody or feature, and they are not all listed.


The experimental method(s) used to define the feature.

Feature ID

An arbitrary database ID for each feature.

Results Fields


A list of the positions for this feature.

NC_045512 AA

The amino acid at this position in the Spike reference sequence.


Descriptive information about the feature.


Spike Features search interface

COV CATNAP search interface


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